Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kentucky Derby Party Post

Even though we thought at one point we would need to take cover for a tornado warning, I thought everything went great! originally we planned to have our party as a backyard garden party but since the 100 year flood decided to- most literally- rain on our parade we were forced to stay inside...again. Oh well, there is always next year! This party was so fun to get ready for. As you can see in the previous post there is a handmade wreath that greeted guests with the phrase "let the races begin". There were also pots of colorful flowers outside and thoughtfully placed around the house to bring the garden inside. Once you came inside there was a table ready for you to place your bets. Guests were able to vote for their favorite horse, best hat for the gals, and best dressed for the guys and then prizes were given to the winners.

The feed trough was full of delicious foods and the watering hole had (of course) mint juleps! Lemonade and tea were placed in these nantucket jars from walmart with labels made on my
cricut cutter that I got for my birthday! (I couldn't find a link to the jars but they were $4 each! You can't beat that so I had to get 3!)

Here are just a few pictures of some of the decor. Red roses were placed throughout the house
to go along with the derby theme. I also had mint for the mint juleps placed in some of these cute derby glasses that I got from a sweet friend for my birthday. They were perfect on display at the watering hole! I also made a banner that said "lets get derby".

Almost everyone dressed for the occasion. I, however, was a slacker. Because of the storms, I was unable to get out and get supplies to decorate my hat (yes, last minute...shocking, i know!) so my hat ended up being plane jane this year. But everyone else looked FABULOUS DAHLING!

I had a blast spending time with friends and having an excuse to dress up! If you didn't make it this year, I hope you can come next year! Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather!


  1. so pretty! you're such an awesome hostess.

  2. It was SUCH a great party. I forgot to tell you that on Friday, the post about your party went up on Create My Event.

    Hope you approve!

  3. What a cute party! I am definitely going to steal some of your ideas!