Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Dress for the Derby

Here are some tips and inspiration on how to dress for the Kentucky Derby or a party that has a theme of the Derby :)

For the Ladies:
Hats go with the Derby like mint goes with the julep! Large brimmed, feminine, and frilly are most popular, but be creative. You can include fabric, tulle, fake flowers, real flowers, feathers, and more on your hats. And of course, design the rest of your outfit around the hat. Sundresses, skirts, and Sunday attire usually best fits the bill.

For the Gents:
Business casual is typical, blazers, jackets, ties etc. (for the party, you don't have to get that fancied up if you don't want to, but feel free to if you are feeling froggy!) Seersucker, suspenders, bow ties, and ties are always a hit too. Polos and shorts are acceptable depending on where you are sitting. Dress to accommodate your lady friend!

Pictures courtesy of here

If you are planning to attend the Harville Kentucky Derby Party, please do not feel like you MUST dress up. Of course it is encouraged, and adds to the fun, but is not mandatory! These are just some fun ideas and an excuse to dress for the occasion if you feel so inclined! Hope to see you there!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

accountability and anticipation

Yall... Get excited!!! The second annual Derby Party is coming up!! I have a lot on my plate trying to get ready for this party this year. Plan to see tutorials on decorating ideas, sneak peaks of prizes and decorations that will grace you with their presence this year! Also, I have a 4 phase backyard redo and I have taken before pictures and with my fingers crossed, I am hoping to get some "after" pictures really soon. This party is motivating me to motivate my husband to get things done around the house. I even have a sweet friend who is going to feature my par-tay on a party blog!!! You should go check her blog out now anyway because it is always so cute!! I will link up when she features me too! SOOOOooooo all that to say, stay tuned for lots more to come. Don't let me be a slacker and not post anything!! I still owe yall pictures from the front door redo :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


this is me enjoying a cold, delicious, highly anticipated, carbonated beverage of my choice. as it fizzled down into my belly, i thanked Jesus for all he did for me, and how silly I am at thinking it was so hard to give up a drink for him. there has got to be crack in this stuff. i did it, but not without complaining (who me?). next year im thinking of doing something a little easier. *slurp slurp*