Thursday, August 19, 2010

oh fall, my heart longs for you

i don't care if it is fall yet or not, first day of september, maybe even the weekend before, im busting out the fall decor. it is by far my FAVORITE to decorate for. i just love the rustic look that fall decor can bring out and fall is my favorite season. i try to make it last as long as possible. i regularly visit a website (don't tell anyone I get my ingenious party secrets here) and this picture popped up. how beautiful is this??!! my heart is happy!

August 19

This is from a book called Jesus calling...eerily relevant or divine, whichever you choose. For me it happens to always be divinely relevant...

"I continually call you to closeness with Me. I know the depth and breadth of your need for Me. I can read the emptiness of your thoughts when they wander away from Me. I offer rest for your soul, as well as refreshment for your mind and body. As you increasingly find fulfillment in Me, other pleasures become less important. Knowing me intimately is like having a private wellspring of Joy within you. This spring flows freely from My throne of grace, so your Joy is independent of circumstances.

Waiting in My Presence keeps you connected to Me, aware of all that I offer you. If you feel any deficiency, you need to refocus your attention on Me. This is how you trust Me in the moments of your life.

Psalm 131:2, Psalm 21:6, Psalm 37:7"