Thursday, April 15, 2010

accountability and anticipation

Yall... Get excited!!! The second annual Derby Party is coming up!! I have a lot on my plate trying to get ready for this party this year. Plan to see tutorials on decorating ideas, sneak peaks of prizes and decorations that will grace you with their presence this year! Also, I have a 4 phase backyard redo and I have taken before pictures and with my fingers crossed, I am hoping to get some "after" pictures really soon. This party is motivating me to motivate my husband to get things done around the house. I even have a sweet friend who is going to feature my par-tay on a party blog!!! You should go check her blog out now anyway because it is always so cute!! I will link up when she features me too! SOOOOooooo all that to say, stay tuned for lots more to come. Don't let me be a slacker and not post anything!! I still owe yall pictures from the front door redo :)

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  1. Whoop - whoop! I'm going to do a post tomorrow on about cute accessories for a Derby party. Hopefully, I'll find some cute items to help you with your fabulous fete!