Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beautiful Blog Award

I was so honored when my friend gave me the Beautiful Blog Award. I don't think my ramblings are very beautiful but it gives me something to do none the less :) I am tickled, however, that someone else would think my unorganized thoughts are beautiful.

The award rules go a little something like this:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and link back to their blog.
One of my sweet friends in real life and blog land gave me this award. Erika is such an inspiration! Her blog, Artsy Fartsy Shopaholic, is extra cute and I get so excited when I see that she has made a recent post. Her witty, clever writing style always makes me laugh and brightens my day whether she is writing about her baby girl that is on the way, her puppies, or her fun adventures in married life. You should definitely follow her...she also guest posts on a party planning blog and recently featured my kentucky derby party! Click here to see her wonderful post. Thanks Erika for being a great blogger and an even more fabulous friend!

2. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers who have a beautiful blog.
It is so hard to choose!! Especially since I am extra good at blog stalking :) If I follow your blog, just know I think it is beautiful! It is hard to just choose 7...
1. Hello Kissey is a sweet friend from college. I am so glad we have kept in touch through blogland and facebook. I feel like we are able to keep up with what is going on with each other and she is always making me laugh with her witty and sarcastic sense of humor. In fact, she reminds me of myself :) (wishful thinking) When she posts a Wussy Wednesday post make sure you aren't drinking anything or it will for sure come out your nose!! Thanks Kissey for making my days better with your blog.
2. Nuestra Vida Dulce truly has a beautiful blog! She is always re-doing and re-creating (which I am a sucker for) I drool over her great ideas and draw inspiration from her creativity. This is a blogger that I don't know but feel like I know her because I am so drawn to her blog! I haven't even talked to her before, but that will change soon when I let her know she got this award! She even has a "what's good in your hood" weekly post where she searches craigslist for your city for her fave picks. I've got to get Memphis on her list :) Check her out!
3. Whimsies and Fancies is one of my best friends from high school. Even though she lives too far for quick visits now, I am able to follow her sweet heart by staying updated through her blog. She is always featuring some of her favorites and is just a down to earth kinda gal. You will love reading her posts, they will warm your soul!
4. The Journey is about a girl named Katie that lives in Uganda and gives her life to her children that she has adopted and to the poor people that she feeds, doctors, and serves across the world. She is such an inspiration and truly a reflection of Jesus. When you get bogged down with life and the things of this world, just go over to Katie's blog and see all that she is doing for the Kingdom! It will make your troubles fade away. She also has some links on her blog that can show you how you can make a difference in her ministry too.
5. From Westcliffe to Winston are some of my friends from college who have a sweet little one named Griffin. I think SaraKate's blog is so beautiful because her sweet baby Griffin fills the posts. Even though they live 5 hours away, I love being able to keep up with their sweet family through blogland.
6. The Aldridge Family are also some friends from college. In-fact, #5 and #6 and Travis and I all got to spend a week at the beach for spring break one year and I wish for a moment we could all go back and be together! The Aldridge Family blog is so beautiful because of their sweet baby Kate! I love keeping up with their family and how much Kate is learning and growing by following their blog.
7. Our Life is last but not least, I just saved it for last because she has already received the award once recently. I couldn't resist though. She is one of my best friends and has a beautiful blog, beautiful family, and beautiful heart! She also has a little one named Kate who is so special to me, and another on the way! She is such an inspiration and encouragement to me, I just couldn't leave her off this list.

3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they have received the award.
Done, except I am not going to contact Katie in Uganda. I am sure having a beautiful blog is not at the top of her list for achievements that she is going for. Just go over and check her out, pray for her, and support her cause if you can!! I am sure that would be better than any earthly award she could receive!

4. Say 7 things about yourself. Only 7?!?! Just kidding, let me rack my brain ;)

1. I love sarcasm. Sometimes I am the only one who thinks my own sarcasm is funny, so I just laugh at myself. Sometimes I have to explain to Travis how funny I really am. He is learning.
2. I am not a morning person. If my phone rings, unless it is an emergency I probably won't answer it. If you ask me a question that is not a question that can be answered with a nod, you will probably get an evil look or a really snippy answer. Ask Travis he usually gets the brunt of this.
3. I have an awesome "job" that is never what I would have picked out for myself. Good thing God dropped me here or I probably never would have made it. I still don't feel like I have anything that qualifies me for such a huge job, but then I remember He does and if he brought me here, it is for His purpose (which I don't really want to argue with). In case you don't know, I am a children's minister. eek it is still hard to say that!
4. I have an amazing husband. He would do anything for me, he loves me even when I am getting on his nerves (who me?). He is a hard worker and respected by many. I am so proud of him for what a stand up kinda guy he is!

5. I love to decorate, redecorate, and re-do. Life gets boring for me if I am not creating or re-doing something. I have a lot of creative energy...now if I only had a lot more creative money!

6. I have my own business with Arbonne and have loved every second of it. It is extra income for us, but best of all I get to show other women how to build a business and watch them reach their dreams for their family! I have met some of my closest friends through this business too.

7. I have some really awesome friends and family. Growing up I was an only child, but now I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters by marrying into Travis's family. My mom is one of my closest friends and even though we have our ups and downs she is steadfast, which is important when not much else is. Travis's family is like my own, they love me as Elizabeth, and not just as Travis's wife. I couldn't ask for better friends, I have been so blessed with those who surround me and I get to do life with the best people I know!!

I hope you now know a little more about me, and have found some new blogs to stalk!!


  1. Firstly Congrats!!
    Secondly you have this cutest way of putting forward your views.
    I love to go through your blog..There is something unknowingly nice about your blog..Keep writing!!

  2. oh, thanks friend! i guess i'll have to repost sometime....not that i mind an excuse to blog. :)