Wednesday, May 5, 2010

coffee filter wreath

This was the first thing that greeted guests at the Kentucky Derby party. It was SO easy to make and cheap too! I have seen these types of wreaths all over blogland. Guess what I used??!! filters! So what you will need if you want to make this cute wreath is:

Package of coffee filters (i used brown but white looks cute too)
OR use colored cupcake cups
Ribbon to hang it with
A round wreath form - any craft store will have these
Florist pins- again, your craft store will have these, they are U shaped.

Then I just took the coffee filters, one by one, and bunched them up at the bottom so that the coffee filter was in more of a V shape. Then I pinned each filter on the wreath with the pins. Voila!! I decided to add a peice of raffia across the back so that I could hang a small sign on the wreath with clothes pins. I can change these out with the occasion or just take the raffia off if I decide not to put a sign on it. Let me know if you have any questions!!

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