Monday, February 8, 2010

Fighting the fight and winning some of the battles!

Here is the latest on Lana for those of you who are following. Last week she had a bone marrow transplant. From the information I can gather (I may have this totally mixed up) they took her marrow out and it will go through a process to "clean" it from all the cancer and they will soon replace it. When they took the marrow out and examined it they found that it was CANCER FREE!! This means that the chemo IS working. They will still follow the normal procedure and freeze the marrow to prevent chances of it returning easily or maybe even at all. This does not mean she is cured, she still has the tumors in her lungs, but the chemo (GOD) is doing it's job (is still performing miracles!). Please pray that Lana's body will continue to be receptive to the chemo (God will continue His process of healing for her). This is a huge victory and miracle. As the next rounds of chemo get harsher, and tougher to go through please pray for Lana's strength, and strength for her family. Please pray that the chemo has NO effects on any part of her body besides the cancer. The family has been told that she could lose her hearing, and we all know that the chemo can really affect her organs (especially her liver). Thank you for your prayers, keep up the petition to heal Lana and for God to perform modern day miracles!

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