Sunday, January 10, 2010

Update on Lana

I got a chance to ichat with Lana today. She is SO precious. I wish all of you could talk with her and see how sweet she is! She is currently back home and will only receive her chemo out patient for now. (Gotta love children's hospitals for knowing that children need to be at home!) Her hair is beginning to fall out but she is doing really well on the chemo. It seems to not be making her too sick. (Keep praying for that!) Also, she is surrounded with presents from friends and family, so she is keeping busy. She will go through another round of chemo before they do some more scans to see how much the chemo is working. Some good news is that before she started chemo, she was having a lot of leg pain, so much she was saying she didn't want to walk, now she seems to not have much pain at all. Also, before the chemo she never really ate very much, ever.. (the type of cancer she has can affect her digestive system). Now her mom says she is eating more than she has ever seen her eat! That is awesome news! Please continue to pray for healing and that these signs are of the miraculous works that God has done in her body. Thanks for caring! (To hear more about Lana's story click here and here)

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