Tuesday, December 22, 2009

our lazy Christmas card

So... I created a beautiful Christmas card after hours of slaving over a hot computer photo editing and using the collage program on the computer, I was ready to print my beautiful creation. I was SO excited to have finally gotten around to Christmas cards this year and the fact that I was able to create it was just as exciting to me. In the Christmas spirit, I tried about 5 photo websites trying to "upload" my creation. It wouldn't let me upload my own and print it correctly, they all wanted me to use their templates. Mine was better than any of their templates so I thought to myself "Surely I can just take it to Walgreens and they will take care of it for me". I hopped in the car and went to Walgreens. The girl at the photo counter was not much help. She would not print them for me, and was less than accommodating. She told me in her southern twang that I could do it myself on the kiosk. I explained to her the situation I had on the computer and asked her if she was sure I could make things work on the kiosk. She said "yeah" and walked away. A little disgruntled I stood in line forever waiting for a kiosk to open up. Once I got to use the kiosk I had the same problems I had online. After about 5 hours at Walgreens (ok really about 30 minutes but it felt like 5 hours) I was so frustrated I just left. Now it is too late to send out cards so here is what you get :)

Merry Christmas!

Really I just was hoping to make you laugh a little about my first Christmas card experience. We try not to let the little frustrations cloud our minds about what this season is truly about! We have been blessed beyond what we deserve and have much to be thankful for. Part of my not sending this card is also because I waited until the last minute :) ....who me?